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Aurelius Andrew Halim
Accounting and Data Analytics Batch 2015

I have been given the opportunity to get this certificate through Accounting and Data Analytics Software Application subject that was taken in my 4th semester study in SGU. Special thanks to the accounting and data analytics lecturer who taught this subject. Studying accounting and data analytics in SGU is fun, because the lecturers teach with passion and care. They will teach you until we fully understand the topic.
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Fitriastuti Listyaningrum
Accounting and Data Analytics Batch 2015

Studying in SGU has taught me more than I believe you can obtain from other universities. I have been given numerous opportunities to grow as a person and strengthen my knowledge in my major. Besides doing internships, I have entered in competitions and a class for Brevet A&B certification. Not only did it enhance my profile to apply for jobs, it has also helped me in understanding of the taxation subject in class. Moreover, SGU lecturers are always ensuring their students’ understanding of the materials given, resulting in effective and informative classes.
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Mita Restiana
Accounting and Data Analytics Batch 2012

Studying Accounting and Data Analytics at SGU was an amazing experience. I got exposed not only the theoretical, but also the practical things from the professional lecturers. Not to mention the application we use in the internships really helped me to broaden my knowledge about the real work and helped me to improve my interpersonal skills dealing with people from other countries. The study program is arranged to build my character to be more independent and tough facing the problems in class and in real work. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. SGU is a gateway to experience the real work and world environment!.


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